The Square of HOPE is a social responsibility project. It is a collaboration between the crocheters in the Philippines, who aimed to share their love for their craft and for other people.

Why is it called the Square of HOPE?

It is called the Square of HOPE because crocheters donate and combine finished granny squares to create a blanket, which we call the Blanket of HOPE. This blanket of HOPE is then given to random people sleeping on the streets. Because, hmm we believe that it’s difficult to sleep on the streets, right?!

The finished blanket is our message of HOPE to the person receiving it.

  • Hope that they may become visible to the world. And that they may be given the proper attention and help they need. 
  • Hope that we may at least bring back a portion of their dignity that was stolen from them by the world.
  • Hope that assures them that someday everything will be okay.

The blankets are also the symbol of HOPE to every person who receives it:
     H- Heat
     O- Ohana (family, because they should not be alone in this battle)
     P- Positivity
     E– Encouragement

This simple act of kindness aims to give a heartwarming effect on the recipient that may help encourage them to stand on their feet and believe themselves.

Who can I join?

Everybody is welcome to join the Square of HOPE, especially the crocheters in the Philippines.

For the non-crocheters, you are also welcome, but we invite you to learn crochet so that you can share with us your granny squares.

How can I join?

We do not pre-qualify anyone.

You can  message us through the contact us in this website,

So we can send you the address where to send your granny squares. Please make sure that you write your:

  • Name or pen name (if you’re not comfortable to give your names)
  • Email Address (optional, so we can send you a photo of your blanket of HOPE)
  • Social Media Account (optional, so that we can tag you on your blanket of HOPE finish product)
    And so that we can thank you for your gift of HOPE.

Or arrange a meet-up with us.

Meet-Up points:

  • Infront of Hub Portal, UP-Ayala Technohub, Diliman Quezon City
  • SM North EDSA, Quezon City
  • Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
  • Gateway Mall, Cubao Quezon City

We will update this meet-up points upon hearing from the other volunteer crocheters.

Join our group “THE SQUARE OF HOPE” on Facebook.


Is there a specific gauge or size requirement for the granny squares?

None. You can send us any granny square design, gauge, size, color, or material. We believe in the beauty of imperfection.

What can I gain from this?

Not much, I guess.

  • A family who is willing to help our unfortunate brothers and sisters.
  • An attitude of generosity, a big loving heart, and a positive mindset that will change your life because you will now aim to change the world.
  • And a friend from a far who may change their life because of the light and the HOPE you gave.
How can I make sure that my granny squares are put to good use?

We take a picture of the final blankets. Also on a piece of paper, we create a simple encouragement message with your names (first name basis only) or your pen names and give it together with your Blanket of HOPE.

If you send us the complete information listed above, we can also send you a photo or tag you on our social media post, whenever your blanket of HOPE is finished and/or given.

Yey!!! We’re progressing!

Note: We need roughly 400-500 granny squares per blanket.

  • Volunteer Crocheters = 2 2%
  • Contributors = 3 3%
  • Number of Granny Squares Donated = 203 2%


Goal: 100 Blankets of HOPE for 2018