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Do you have dreams but do not know how to achieve it? Does it look very far from your reach? Never doubt that dream that is in your heart. Instead, find your reasons and pursue your dreams for others. This book shares with you a simple guide in claiming your dreams. Well, because they are yours from the start.


Have you been, in one way or another, afraid to ask for anything? 
Are you one of those persons who do not pray about finances, because you think money is just a material thing? 
Did you ever pray for something for a long time, yet got no answer? 
Had you prayed and at the same time doubted that your prayer would not be answered?
Well, this book is for you!
I pray that as you journey through this book, you also journey to an intimate relationship with the Almighty Father. 
Be blessed!

*For orders of The Art of Asking (paperback) within Philippines, please visit and message us via https://www.facebook.com/theartofaskingthejourney/

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