“I asked God: ‘Why only now?’ God said: ‘Because no one has yet asked for it, until only now’. This conversation with God is a testament of why we should learn the art of asking. We should have asked God for this book a long time ago! This awesome literature would surely be a blessing, a source of encouragement and an instrument of reflection to all who read it! Marnilyn Lazaro

Awesome Servant of God, Banker

“Thank you Lord for this book! Every page has blessed me with Your Fatherly message of love for me as Your child. This book indeed is a revelation of God’s unconditional and unbounded generosity as we learn the powerful and moving art of asking! Through the help of this book, we as God’s children, will develop an intimate relationship with Him as our Almighty Father by lovingly asking! Go ahead…do not doubt… ASK IN FAITH, BE OPEN TO RECEIVE, SURRENDER WITH TRUST, GIVE THANKS, HUMBLY PROSPER, DEVELOP AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD and get ready for an avalanche of miracles!” Abegail Martha S. Abelardo

MA.Ed (Nonformal Ed) God's Child, Community Development Worker, The Feast Bay Area Awesome Kids Teacher and Servant

“The Art of Asking: Journey to an Intimate Relationship with God ushers the reader into the heart and mind of a child of God and follower of Jesus.
Zelle invites and inspires us into the steps of asking (the 5 ways–the asking, receiving, surrendering, giving thanks and prospering) she herself celebrated in her strife to grow in her intimate relationship with the Lord.
In the end, sure lessons guide us into Life…that asking God is not a sign of weakness but a sign of humility…asking is not just about receiving but believing that God knew what is in our hearts.
I am blessed!” Fr. Ezekiel Augustine C. Ocampo, SRC

Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Tarlac

“Reading this book made me realize that our God is an abundant and loving God and He wanted to be close to us and become part of our daily lives. I felt so blessed after reading this book.
I was also touched by the stories of how people rise again from their rock-bottom state by trusting and surrendering themselves to God. He truly is a God without limits. This is really an amazing book that everybody must read!” Jonathan Noel Herrero

IT Professional, Entrepreneur,


Journey to an Intimate Relationship with God

“I want to give this book to everyone. Zelle has not only recaptured what we (as an adult) have forgotten, but she has also reawakened the simple, yet amazing power of asking.” Audee Villaraza

Entrepreneur, Preacher

“When you study and take action on what (you’ll) learn from this book like I did, you will have a better understanding of what asking – and its flipside – receiving, truly entails.
Zelle Flora gives us a practical guide to unlock what God wants us to do in our lives.” Don Quintana

Husband, Father of 4, God’s Servant,

Never underestimate The Art of Asking because this is a valuable companion to grow in prayer, maturity and spirituality. Warning this book will bring you more closer to God. Read, Reflect & Respond to the pages of this book and your life will never be the same again.” JC Libiran

Author & Founder of Project CourageZone,