“In this life full of whys, only God has the answers.”

My husband Jay and I had this difficult life lately. Finances was crashing, health was dropping, business was struggling. We’ve got loses here and there. We’re having new problems almost every week. We were at our rock bottom.

Our relationship was highly affected. We had fights over unresolved problems. And we fell into depression because we do not know who the right people to approach. Everything was stressful. Everything was a mess.

One morning, I woke up with the sight of my husband at the side of the bed with tears in his eyes. I immediately rose up out of worry. I hugged him tight as I asked him, “what’s wrong?” He wiped his tears before answering, “I asked God why? Why do these problems come all at once? Why it has to be this difficult? Why it has to be now?” I do not know what to say. I hugged him tightly, hoping that my love can somehow give him comfort.

“Why? Why it has to be this difficult? Why it has to be now?” Those are the same questions I asked God. But I heard no answer.

In this difficult moment of my life, I wish I had all the answers. I really did. For months, I kept on searching for answers. Be He didn’t give it to me.

Instead, He gave me something better. He gave me TRUST and HOPE. He taught me to TRUST in Him, not through my lips but through my heart. He taught me that trust is surrendering despite the pain and being obedient despite uncertainty. He taught me that the real meaning of HOPE is putting it all in Him and not on the things we see. That we expect for his promise, rather than what we want to receive.

Today, I do not ask questions, because I believe that in this life full of whys only God has the answers. Instead, I am hopeful of his promise of provision, healing, abundance, peace, and joy.

Now, I trust that God and I are in the same boat. That He knows what Jay and I need and He’s bringing us there. But we had to go through the road of learning to get there, for a better appreciation of what is to come.