Life Full of WHYs

My husband Jay and I had this difficult life lately. Finances was crashing, health was dropping, business was struggling. We’ve got loses here and there. We’re having new problems almost every week. We were at our rock bottom.

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I Didn’t Just Lose My Friends. I Lost My Faith In Him, Too

I saw this journal entry from last year. And I believe that it would be a great post to start this blog. *** I've read and heard the words, "God is with us" several times yesterday---on a bumper sticker, on my devotional, homily, and even on the talk. I know these...

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Wanna learn how to open yourself to God’s blessings and miracles? Just ASK and be suprised on how asking can change your life!
Have you been in one way or another afraid to ask for anything?

Are you one of those persons who do not pray about finances, because you think money is just a material thing?

Did you ever pray for something for a long time, yet got no answer?

Had you prayed and at the same time doubted that your prayer would not be answered?

Well this book is for you!


“The Art of Asking: Journey to an Intimate Relationship with God ushers the reader into the heart and mind of a child of God and follower of Jesus.”

– Fr. Ezekiel Augustine C. Ocampo, SRC Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, Tarlac